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Need A Roof Replacement in Brenham, TX?

Whether you need a new roof or starting from scratch, Brenham Roofing Pro’s is here to help.

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It can be difficult to find a roofing company that you trust. It is crucial for the safety of your home and family that you choose the right one, but it’s not always an easy task. You want to make sure they are licensed and insured and have experience in various types of roofing materials. If you need a reliable roofer near Brenham, TX, contact us today! We offer best-in-class service at competitive prices with warranties on all workmanship!  Because when it comes to roof replacement, Brenham Roofing Pro’s is to go for in Texas. We offer a wide range of services, including tar and gravel roofs, metal roofs, cedar shake shingle roofs, as well as flat roof replacement solutions. With so many options available, you are sure to find what you need at Brenham Roofing Pro’s!

Roofing System

Your roof is an intricate system, one that only functions as efficiently and powerfully when all of the components work together. That’s why if you ever need to replace your current roof, it needs to be replaced in its entirety instead of just being repaired piece by piece. A complete replacement guarantees optimal functionality for decades because every variable can be accounted for during design and construction, not with a repair job!

You see, where are you going with this? Yes! Repairing old roofs would be cheaper on paper. Still, we know exactly how costly homeowners can find themselves after an unexpected disaster has taken place thanks (in part) to their poorly constructed attic space.

Will My Home Insurance Cover the Cost?

With the recent rise in hail damage to roofs, more and more homeowners realize that they need a roof replacement. Depending on your insurance policy, many home insurers will cover some of the cost depending on how it was caused – this is great news for those who suffered from accidental damages as their premiums won’t go up quite so much! However, the best way to find out what can be covered is to contact your insurance company and ask them.

Roof Replacement Process

Here is how we take our roof replacement projects to next level:

  • Inspection

    The roof inspection process begins with a complete assessment of the current state of your home’s exterior; this includes: making sure there are no leaky areas on any part of the building and taking measurements to ensure that you are receiving an appropriate amount for coverage. Our inspectors also look at other parts such as gutters or eaves. Once all inspections have been completed. Our inspectors will let buyers know if anything needs attention before scheduling their installation. 

  • Analysis & Remedy

    After the inspection stage, roof inspectors measure and evaluate what components need replacement. The number of levels and area size are considered to determine if a real restoration remedy is needed or not.

  • Consideration

    Options for homes and buildings are limitless. Homeowners can pick from thousands of different materials, colors, manufacturers that will meet their needs. If someone wants an energy-efficient building or home, they should choose a material such as steel that has the longest warranty length to ensure peace of mind if something goes wrong during construction.

  • Removal of Components

    The old components are then sent off for disposal or recycling. It is accomplished through a series of steps carefully completed by hand to prevent additional damage to the roof substructures and provide more efficiency in removal procedures. The process starts with damaged and worn roofing materials being removed from the structure manually before they can cause further destruction on adjacent areas of your building’s exterior surfaces. Once this component has been detached, it will be lowered down into designated waste containers found at ground level; these devices make sure that none go missing during transportations, so you won’t have surprises when performing an inspection later on! If any parts need replacing due to age or wear-and-tear, you’ll find them easily available as replacement options right here.

  • Installation

    Roofing components are installed according to manufacturer specifications by a team of hand-trained installers led by a field superintendent. Our team of roofers uses their training and hand-eye coordination to install the new roofs. Each individual roof is built with a revolutionary installation technique, guaranteed by manufacturers for your warranty safety.

    We know that each roof they build represents company, so we take pride in giving every customer what they deserve – quality work and satisfaction with their new roofing components.

  • Final Product

    The floor is swept, and a magnetic sweep for nails, metal roofing components, or other debris happens to be done. Next, a quality control specialist will inspect the workmanship of the installation before signing off on it. The final step in finishing up all home improvement projects would include verifying that building owners are 100% satisfied with their new property!

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